August, 2017

Printer List for Personal Devices

List of networked printers with Google Cloud install links

January, 2017

Best Practices for Content Providers

Tips and suggestions for those who write and provide content for COH websites.

November, 2016

Website Creation With Weebly

How to use Weebly, an exciting easy application to help create your own website.

November, 2016

Using Citation Managers: Mendeley and RefWorks

Helpful explanation regarding the use of Mendeley and RefWorks to help you maintain your scholarly citations and PDFs.

November, 2016

Advanced Word Processing with Microsoft Word 2016

How to use some advanced functions of word in addition to aiding in formatting a paper for publication.

November, 2016

Creating a Presentation Online with Prezi

How to create a presentation (similiar to a PowerPoint) using the online tool Prezi

November, 2016

Google Sites: Website Creation

This documentation covers information on the Google Application for “Sites”, Google’s website creation application. 

November, 2016

Taking Advantage of Google Apps

How to use Google Apps such as instant messaging, calendar, documents, and more.

October, 2016

Adding News and Events to Front Rotator

How to ensure your news and events appear in the front page rotator

May, 2016

Creating Anchored Links in Drupal

Create anchored links the operate as footnotes in a web site’s text editor

April, 2016

Adding Check Box to CLAS Orientation File

Add a check box column next to Excel spreadsheet

January, 2016

CLAS Attendance Tracker

How to track attendance for CLAS events

January, 2016

D6 to D7 Content Migration

Guide on how to upgrade and migrate content from a Drupal 6 site to a Drupal 7 site

February, 2014


Help setting up D2L course site for instructors

February, 2014

Creating PDFs

How to create a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Professional

February, 2014

Embedding Videos in PowerPoint

How to include video clips in a PowerPoint presentation

February, 2014

Creating and Editing Music Files with Audacity

How to record and edit audio using Audacity

October, 2013

Remote File Access (COH an Tiradito)

How to access COH or Tiradito files remotely