Adding Check Box to CLAS Orientation File

Once your orientation roster file is open in Excel, hide the columns that are unnecessary by right clicking on highlighted columns and selecting “Hide”.

[Optional] Select a header cell (e.g. First Name) and copy and paste it into the next cell over. Change the text to “Came to CLAS for advising” (or something else).

Next, add the “Developer tab” to Excel if it’s not already there. To do so, go to Excel > Preferences.

A box like this should appear. Select “View”.

At the bottom under In Ribbon, Show select “Developer tab”.

Now, the Developer tab should appear in your Excel Ribbon.

In the first student row, insert a “Check Box” in the new column you created by clicking the “Check Box” button in the Ribbon and using your cursor to drag it in the cell.

Delete the text so only the check box is remaining. Size it to fit within the cell where the width is about half the cell’s width.

[Warning] Be careful not to click outside of the check box object before editing and resizing.

After the check box object is sized and placed in the first row, click the area of the cell outside the check box. Once the cell is selected, hover over the bottom right corner of the cell until your cursor turns into a solid black crosshair. Then, drag the cell all the way down to the bottom of the column. This will add check boxes to every cell in that column.

 And you’re finished! The check boxes can now be selected/deselected.

April, 2016