Adding News and Events to Front Rotator

On each department website, there is a spot for news and upcoming events to rotate on the front home page.

In order for content to appear in the rotator, the following conditions must be met:

  • Content must be either "News" or "Event" type
  • Content must be "promoted to the front page"
  • News must be posted within the last 90 days (old news items make the website appear outdated and unmaintained)
  • Events must have dates that are set in the future

The content is ordered by "sticky" items first and the rest are randomized. A sticky item "sticks" to the top/front of lists, such as the news/events rotator.

The "promoted to front page" option is selected by default; however, if you would like to add a News or Event item without it appearing on the front, you may deselect it. To make an item sticky, you may select the "sticky at top of lists" option. This will push the item to the beginning of the rotator.

The promotion and sticky options can be found at the bottom of the editing page under the "Publishing options" tab.

It is also recommended to use unique, high-resolution images for each News and Event item, otherwise the default image will be utilized. We strongly discourage the use of flyers or other images involving text as News/Event images.

October, 2016