Best Practices for Content Providers

Writing content for the web is not the same as writing content for print or other mediums. Below you will find some valuable suggestions for how best to write and organize your content for the web.

Users decide whether to stay or leave your site within 10 seconds. They also only read about 28% of text on a web page. This means you should provide content that is easily skimmed, simple, and concise.

  • Break content into sections of text with paragraph breaks and headings (e.g. h2, h3, h4)
  • Organize content in inverted pyramid, placing most important information at the top then working your way down.
  • Utilize user-appropriate language and omit unnecessary words
    • Avoid internal jargon, especially in navigation
  • If your content contains large sections, consider creating different pages instead of one long page of content.
January, 2017