CLAS Attendance Tracker

Go to and log in.

  • Create an event if the event does not already exist by clicking “Create Event” in the top grey admin bar
  • In the website menu, go to Event Registration
  • Select the event type for which you’d like to register students
  • Slide student's CatCard to retrieve their Student ID. If they don't have their CatCard, enter the student's Student ID manually (if they know it) OR enter the student's NetID
  • If the participant is not a UA student, select “Non UA Student?” and enter their name and email manually
  • Click submit

You’re done! The student/participant has successfully been registered for the event. Repeat this process for subsequent students. To view data of registrations (e.g. student names and IDs, event type, etc.), in the website menu go to Registration Management.

January, 2016