Creating a Presentation Online with Prezi

Getting Started: Navigation and Inserting Items
Adjusting Your Color Settings
Arranging Your Presentation


Before we begin, you will need an account with  Go to and select “Go to Prezi” in the middle of the page to create your account.


Scroll to the middle of the page and choose the “Pick a plan” option. Then, on the right side of the screen, choose “Educational Plans” under “Students and Teachers.”

Choose the Edu Enjoy Plan and type in your email address. Once they send you the link in your email, click verify now. After you verify your account, you’re ready to get started! 

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll have the option to use a short navigation tutorial. When you finish, you’ll see multiple pre-made Prezi designs that you can click on and modify. For now, select “Create a new prezi” and then choose your template. Let’s double-click on “Start a blank Prezi” at the bottom of the template screen, next to “Use this template.”

Enter a title and description for your presentation.  (Note: You can always change this information later, after you’ve saved a draft of your presentation.)

To navigate in Prezi, just use clicks.  For example, to edit the text in the center of the screen, click on that text.  You’ll see an editing box that looks like this:

The Plus sign will make text larger, the hand will move it around, and the minus sign will make the text smaller. You can also delete it, edit the font, or add the text to your favorites.

On the left, you should see a row of numbered rectangles/circles in this presentation. These numbers are the order that your presentation will be seen in. They correspond to the numbers by the circles in the center of your page as well. You can click either number to begin editing in that position. Clicking on the “1” in this Prezi layout will take you to the first frame in your presentation.

Click on the frame and a solid square will appear (You may need to zoom out). You can use it to adjust the size and placement of any item—text, pictures, and video—in Prezi.  Click on the corner to adjust size, and on the semi-circle (that only appears if you mouse over a corner) to adjust angle.

To add/edit text, double-click the text or a new place in the frame.  You’ll see a box that looks like this:

Type in the box to add text, and select your content category at the top left: Title , Subtitle, or Body text.  Use the arrows to expand or shrink the box size, and the toolbar at the top to align text within the box.   

To add other items in prezi, use the menu at the top of the screen.  Select “insert,” and choose from options such as images, youtube videos, or files.  You can also add shapes (like arrows) with the shapes menu.



Once you’ve inserted the items you want, you can move on to adjusting the color settings and arranging the elements of your presentation.

Once you’ve added a few items to your presentation, you can make some adjustments to the way they look using the Customize button.  At the top of the page, select “Customize,” then choose a pre-made theme or create your own.



Customizing will allow you to select color options for your presentation, including background, each text category, and various borders.


Move your mouse to the right side of your screen and scroll down.  Click on “Advanced” to access the “Theme Wizard.” You can also change colors manually, using the manual option at the bottom of the theme wizard. (Note: you will need to be familiar with RGB color profiles to use the manual option.) To change colors in the wizard, simply click the color you want.  To adjust fonts, click on the arrow next to the text category you want to change:

When you’re finished, select “done” on the third page to save your new settings.

Arranging Your Presentation

Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi allows you to create a presentation that is nonlinear and visually oriented.  The best way to organize your materials is to use size, grouping, and paths.

Use size to indicate the importance of your information.  Larger items will seem more important, so enlarge your titles and key points.

Use grouping to put related items together—for instance, a main idea and several bullet points, or an image and a description of that image.  To group items, push the “frame plus” button in the top left menu.  You can group your items using brackets, a circle, or a box style frame.



Here, I’ve added a circular frame to group the text items, and used size to indicate the importance of each.  Notice how the title now stands out, and how the larger items appear more important, starting from the bottom and moving counter-clockwise.

Finally, paths (or the order of animations) will correspond to the order you create frames in.  To modify that, select “edit path” from the lower left of your screen.


Click on each item in your presentation in the order that you would like them to appear on screen. Later, if you want to remove an item, click on the number and drag it off-screen.  To add an item, select the circle in between the two items where you want to add the new one, and drag it to the new item.

If you want to preview your presentation, select “Present” in the circle menu, and use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate.  When you’re finished, select “save” in the top menu bar, then “exit.” 

Congratulations!  You’ve created your first presentation with Prezi!



November, 2016