Embedding Videos in PowerPoint

If the video you'd like to display is available online:

  • You may simply link to the video by copying the video's URL (i.e., http://youtube.com/watch?v=vAswCGgdomM) and pasting it into your presentation. The video will open in a new window, which you can close to return to your PowerPoint slideshow.
  • WARNING: This method will only work if the computer you will be displaying your slideshow on has internet access.


  • Save the video file to your computer (if possible) or use video capture software to create a local copy of the file. You can then follow the instructions below for integrating video from your hard drive.


If the video you'd like to include is saved to your hard drive:

NOTE: Place the video file in the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation. This will help with your own organization as well as ensuring that the video will play properly if you move both files to another location. 

  • Select Insert, Movies and Sounds, Movie from File… from the top menu. This will insert your video directly into the presentation as an image that can be moved, resized, and played either when the slide comes up in your slideshow or when you click on the image.
  • WARNING:This method requires that both files (PowerPoint and video) be transferred and located in the same folder in order to view the slideshow on another computer.


  • To insert the video in a manner that will not require multiple files to play on another computer:
    1. Select Insert, Object… from the top menu.

    2. Select Package from the list of object types. Be sure the radio button next to Create New is selected and click “OK.”

    3. Choose File, Import… from the object packager top menu, select your video file, and select “Open.”

    4. Choose File, Update from the object packager top menu, then close the object packager.

    5. Right-click the new object on your PowerPoint slide and select Custom Animation.

    6. In the Custom Animation pane on the right side of the screen, click the Add Effect button then select Object Actions, followed by Activate Contents.

    7. When displaying your slideshow, you will be able to click on the object to launch the video in a separate window.

  • This method is extremely portable and only requires you to copy .ppt file to another computer (via email, portable drive, CD, etc.) in order to function properly.
  • WARNING: This method will not work in the Microsoft PowerPoint viewer included in Internet Explorer. You must open the .ppt file in PowerPoint proper.

February, 2014