Website Creation With Weebly

Description:  In this workshop we will explore Weebly, an exciting easy application to help create your own website. We will go through the tools available through the app and steps to creating your own website. 

Prerequisites: Knowing what you would like to call your new website. No knowledge of web design or programming is necessary.

You can access Weebly at  Weebly is a free! You will be asked to create a new account with a name, password and connect it to your email address.

You will then be directed to the page where you can start a new site. Click on “My Site”, then “add site” to create your website.

 Then chose the type of website you want to create such as “Business”, “Personal”, “Blog”, etc.

Then chose a name for your website, after this chose a theme.

There are hundreds of themes available and you can always change it later. After this you will see your website. Click on “Start editing” to change things in your website.

You will be asked to choose your website domain and name your website. Click on the option “Use a subdomain of” and press continue when you are done.

You will then see the main home webpage. You can change any of the headlines, pictures and layout. To change the text, simply click and highlight the text you want to change, the same goes for pictures.

You can also edit the background of your webpage or replace the header layout.

In order to add basic structures to your website such as texts, images, maps, contact forms; structural elements, such as dividers, spacers, buttons or search boxes; media elements, such as videos, audios, YouTube links or files; or other options, such as polls, surveys, forums, chose from any of these options in the left scroll bar in your “Build” page. Then drag the element you like to any appropriate space on the webpage and edit the text, image, etc. further. In this way you can add multiple elements, one after the other, to your webpage. To delete an element, simply click on the “X” on the top left of the element you don’t want- it appears when you point your cursor there.

In the top middle of the webpage, you have options to switch to “Pages”, “Theme”, “Store”, “Settings” and “Help”. In the “Theme” section you can change themes, fonts and certain theme options on your website.

In the “Pages” section, you can rename your pages, as well as add additional pages, change the layout of pages, or change the headers of your pages.

In the “Settings” section, you can edit your website title, archive your website, setup Facebook sharing, protect your website pages with a password and much much more in the general settings section. You can also add other editors to your website and check for current members and groups accessing your website.

In the “Store” section, you can modify your website to sell products.

In the “Help” Section, you can contact the support center or call the available number for Weebly help. When you are done creating your website, you can click on the “Publish” option on the top right hand corner of the screen. Weebly will again verify with your domain name, then verify that you are not a “robot”.

You can also see how your website looks like on the phone by clicking on the small “screen” icon in the middle top of the screen.

Click on the “X” at the top left of the screen in order to exit your current website and be redirected to the main page, where you can see the list of website you have created and switch between them at any time. Simply click on the arrow next to your name/ “My Site” on the main page, and then on button “Edit Site” to the right to switch between any websites you have created or are in the process of creating. You can also “Copy” or “Delete” any site by clicking on the “…” button next to “Upgrade”.

Once you are on this main page, you can click “Stats” to see your site statistics, look at the various tips that are given to make your website even better, upgrade your site, or request web designer services. These are all located at the bottom part of your main page. At the top of the main page, you can click on “Domains” and “Google Apps” to look at the various domain options. If you click on “Promote”, you can promote your website.

You can click on your name at the top right of your main page to access your “Account”, get “Support”, or to log out of Weebly. On the “Support” page you can access various training tools to help you become better acquainted with Weebly.



November, 2016