Reserve a Computer Classroom

Faculty and instructors are able to reserve computer classrooms for either an occasional/one-time use or over an entire semester.

Occasional/One-time Use

Computer classrooms are available on a space available basis for classes that need occasional access to the internet, presentation capabilities, and audio and video capabilities. Classes that have signed up for regular use of a classroom throughout the semester have priority, so there is no guarantee that a classroom will be available for one time or occasional use, but we will do our best to accommodate every class we can.


Semester Use

A computer classroom can be reserved for use for the entire semester. The policy is that each class has access to the classroom once per week. Space is limited so we cannot guarantee that every class that wants to reserve a classroom for the entire semester will be able to. It is expected that classes that use the classrooms on a regular basis have a technology component that takes advantage of the resources available.

Semester long requests are processed in April, August, and November of each year, on a first come-first serve basis. 


Reserve Computer Classroom


Once you submit your reservation, please allow us some time to verify our availability (though we do try to respond to scheduling requests as quickly as possible). You will receive email confirmation from us once you have been added to our room calendar.