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IT Support

Are you having trouble with your computer? We can help. Whether it’s connection issues, software updates, training, or a malfunction, our IT professionals are knowledgable and eager to solve your needs. We also oversee equipment rentals and computer classroom access/reservations.

Web Services

In addition to computer issues, our department provides website assistance and design. We build and maintain the COH department and center sites and provide support for conference, research, journal, and OER website needs. We can help with everything from small edits to full site creation. We’ll even provide training so you can help keep your department information up to date.


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In the beginning, there was only a keyboard.
love him or hate, bukowski wasn't boring
April 12, 2024
It was an extremely busy day and I needed help, and I thought there’s only one person who is really brilliant enough to assist me, so I emailed E, but I received his out of office reply
computer screen image of Add Media button
April 10, 2024
You have your news article written and proofread, and you’re ready to post it on your website except you still can’t think of an image. We can help.